What is the Best Way to Drink Angel’s Envy

angel's envy bourbon review


Angel’s Envy bourbon review with a twist of intrigue, has been captivating whiskey enthusiasts across the globe. With its complex flavor profile and a velvety finish, it’s often spoken of with reverence in bourbon circles. Given its growing popularity, you might wonder if it’s the right spirit to start your bourbon adventure.

At 43.5% ABV, it’s a bit stronger than your stock standard liquor, but short of other bourbons like Knob Creek or Buffalo Trace. The nose is nice, with very little alcohol fumes distracting from a kiss of vanilla, and little nuttiness. Subtle is a damn fine word for it, but there’s nothing unlikable click here

Understanding Angel’s Envy

Before we discuss the best ways to sip this heavenly spirit, let’s pour some background on Angel’s Envy. This Kentucky Straight Bourbon is finished in Port wine barrels, which gifts it distinctive notes of fruit and oak, creating a smoother drinking experience. The tasting notes typically include hints of vanilla, ripe fruit, maple syrup, and a touch of toast – all culminating in a lush, lengthy finish that’s both sweet and enduring.

Is Angel’s Envy a Good Beginner Bourbon?

For those curious if Angel’s Envy is suitable for a bourbon neophyte, the answer leans towards a sound yes. Its approachable flavor profile makes it less intimidating for those unacquainted with the robustness often associated with bourbons. While it offers enough complexity to be appreciated by seasoned aficionados, its smooth and subtle nature is ideal for those just starting to dabble in the world of whiskey. In comparison to other bourbons, Angel’s Envy presents a polished gentleness, in contrast to some of its bolder counterparts which pack a punch with strong oak and spice notes.

Best Ways to Enjoy Angel’s Envy

So, how should you drink Angel’s Envy to fully appreciate its craftsmanship? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are a few tried-and-true methods:


Enjoying Angel’s Envy neat, at room temperature, allows you to savor the bourbon’s pure flavor. This is an excellent way to dissect the subtle intricacies and port-infused sweetness that make it unique.

On the Rocks

If you prefer a chilled experience, try it on the rocks. The ice slightly dilutes the bourbon and can mellow the flavors, which may be preferable for those who enjoy a softer taste profile.

In Cocktails

Angel’s Envy also shines in cocktails. Its versatility complements both simple and complex mixtures, allowing the bourbon’s flavors to either take center stage or enhance the other ingredients. The Angel’s Envy Old Fashioned or a Manhattan could be a delightful beginning to your mixology experiments.

Food Pairings with Angel’s Envy

Pairing food with bourbon isn’t just for the connoisseurs. Angel’s Envy’s subtle sweetness and notes of dried fruit go well with dark chocolate or creamy desserts like crème brûlée. If you’re leaning towards savory, consider dishes with a hint of smokiness or even a charcuterie board that combines both savory and sweet elements.


For beginners with a palate for subtle spirits and an eye for quality, Angel’s Envy offers a graceful entry point into the world of bourbon. Its refined smoothness is an invitation to explore without the overwhelming boldness that might steer newcomers away. However, if your preference is for a bourbon with a robust personality, you might want to continue your search elsewhere.

In the grain-to-glass journey of bourbon discovery, the most important advice is to keep an open mind. Experiment with different ways to enjoy Angel’s Envy and see which one resonates with you. Embrace the experience, trust your taste buds, and maybe you’ll find your own slice of heaven in a glass.